When it comes to home security, locks are the primary layer of protection and help prevent burglaries. You can find a whole lot of locks in the market, among which combination locks and keyed locks are the most popular. If you’re a homeowner in Perth looking to replace or install new locks, the first question you would have is what lock should I buy – Are combination locks safer than keyed locks? The second question would be, who is the best locksmith in Perth to help me out with installation? Read on to get the answer to your first question. The second answer is we are just an email or call away! 

Combination Locks vs Keyed Locks

Though locks have evolved over the years and smart locks are now widely used, various forms of combination locks and keyed locks are still popular. The debate between which is better is never-ending, but the truth is that both locks have their pros and cons. We have created a comparative analysis to help you make the right decision.

Combination Locks- How Do They Work?

While keyed locks allow you to unlock doors by turning the key, combination locks typically have a numbered dial. The dials are connected to the internal locking mechanism. As you turn the dial to each correct digit, it disconnects from the locking mechanism. Once you turn the dial to the correct number in the right order, the lock will open, and you’ll be granted access. Some combination locks also offer you keys, so you can use them to unlock as well. Here are the three most important points you need to consider while deciding on the type of lock to buy –

Are combination locks safer than keyed locks - Echidna Lock & Key

1. Security

The most crucial aspect to consider when you browse for locks is the level of security they offer. Are keyed locks safer, or are combination locks safer? The answer to that depends on two factors- how and where the locks are used. For example, if you use a combination lock for a safe and it is built as a part of the safe, it will be a more secure locking mechanism. Padlocks are extremely hard to break without a high-tech cutter. However, compared to padlocks, combination locks are easier to pick. The locks usually have three or four numbered combinations that thieves could uncover through trial and error or passcode cracking tools.

2. Vulnerability

While both combination locks and keyed locks can keep your precious items safe, you have to think about what would happen if you lose the key or forget the combination to unlock. You can hire a locksmith to duplicate the keys or unlock the keypad in both cases. If you tend to lose keys often, combination locks would be a better option for you. You can also read our blog on tips to not lose keys. If you prefer a combination lock but are worried about forgetting the passcode, you can save the passcode on your mobile phone or note it down in a journal.

3. Emergencies

When you need emergency access to your property, both combination locks and keyed locks score equally well. If you need to get in immediately and don’t have the key, you can either ask the help of someone who has a spare key or seek the assistance of a locksmith. Most combination locks come with keys for emergency entries. Again, a locksmith will be of assistance here as well.

So, are combination locks safer than keyed locks? Well, both have their own pros and cons. Your decision will depend on who is using them, how and where they are being used, whether your neighbourhood is burglary prone etc. Do you need help in choosing the best locks for your home? Contact us now! Echidna offers locksmith services for all of Perth.