Technology is evolving, and new innovative inventions are incorporated to improve our daily lives. Smart locks are one such innovation. Most of them have excellent features that can help you secure your home while also making your life easier. This article will explain what smart locks are and the attractive features available in some of the best smart locks – so you can easily know what features you will need in yours.

What is a Smart Lock?

A smart lock is a smart home lock that is highly functional and can be customised according to your convenience. It offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Smart locks allow you to leave the hindrance of house keys behind and can allow you to lock and unlock using entry code, fingerprint or voice command. It also allows remote control and many other features.

What are the Features of Smart Locks?

Here are some of the attractive features included in the modern smart locks.

Can Control Remotely

By downloading the smart lock Android or iOS app, you can easily control the lock remotely from your smartphone.

Real-time Tracking

Smart locks can keep track of who comes and leaves your house. You will get immediate alerts about who visits and leaves your home and the details about the time of the visit.

Bluetooth Connectivity

You can use Bluetooth connectivity to unlock the door. Once the Bluetooth is connected with the lock, it will recognise you and unlock the door.

Multiple Keyless Entry Options

You can unlock the door using multiple keyless options. You can unlock using remote unlocking, custom code numbers etc.

Entry Codes

Smart locks allow you to create temporary entry codes. You can easily and quickly give access to your friends or relatives.

Access Limitations

Smart locks allow you to set a limited access entry code. If you are going for a vacation and want to leave your home under a friend’s supervision, you can create a limited access entry code. They can enter the house using the entry code. The code will expire after the set period, and they won’t be able to access it anymore.


Smart locks can lock the door automatically after being left unlocked for a certain period. You can also set the same feature based on the smartphone location. When your smartphone location leaves the perimeter, the door automatically gets locked.

Sending Alerts

Smart locks send alerts to your smartphone in case someone tries to break in or damage the smart lock. You can also set it to automatically alert the police or security in emergencies.

What are the Benefits of Using Smart Locks?

What are the benefits of smart locks

Prevent Burglars from Breaking in

Smart locks make burglars hesitate. If they have to enter, they would need to hack into the intelligent system, which will be difficult and time consuming. With smart locks feature of alerting home and even police make it a perfect repellant for burglars.

Freed from the Task of Changing Keys

You don’t have to trouble yourself about changing keys or concerned about someone stealing your keys. You just have to change the entry code when you feel like the old one needs to be changed.

Free from the Worry of Losing Keys

You don’t have to bother about forgetting your key at your office or losing it. Since smart lock has multiple entry options, you can easily enter your home without worry.

These are the features and benefits of smart locks. Need a locksmith to change your locks to smarter ones? Ring us on 0492 360 504, and we will be at your service. We also provide 24-hour service in case of emergencies.