Losing your keys can be the worst disaster on a busy day that you want to avoid with all your might. And believe us, we have seen it happen to the best of people in all these years of working around Perth. So we list here some simple and effective tips not to lose your keys again.

Have a fixed place for keeping keys

Fix a particular place to keep your keys. This will help you find your keys easily and prevent you from misplacing them. The spot you use can be a hook, a magnet, an ornamental dish or a bowl.

Now that you have a fixed place for your keys, you don’t have to worry about finding your keys when you are in a hurry. Having a fixed spot can also make it easier for other family members to access them.

But remember to be careful while choosing the place – keeping the keys near the window can lead to burglars accessing it.

Use Bluetooth key finder

Thanks to modern technology, we now have devices that can help us track things. The key finder is such a device that will help you track your keys. You simply have to attach the device to your keychain. You can use your smartphone to trace the device. If the device is out of range and is still running, you can still access the last seen location.

Make your keys glow in the dark

Painting your key with luminous paint will make it glow in the dark, which will help you notice it quickly. In addition, bright coloured paints can make it easy to spot the keys even in the daytime. You can also opt to paint the keychain or key ring instead of the key.

Remove clutter

Mom was right! A cluttered table is a perfect place to lose our keys. Minimising the clutter and keeping things organised can help you find the keys on the table or shelf. This way, you can quickly spot the keys, save your time and be stress-free.

Use large keychains

How to not lose your keys - Echidna Lock & Key

Large decorative keychains are easy to notice, and you can quickly grab them from the depths of your bag. Unique keychains can also be used as an identification factor. If you ever lose a key, you can request authorities or others to inform you if someone hands it in. It also makes it simple for you to describe it to your friends or family when they join you in a key hunt together with you.

Carry your keys securely

Open bags and pockets are vulnerable places to keep your keys. Chances of it falling out or thieves stealing it cannot be brushed off. So, it’s wise to keep your keys in a purse with an internal zipping compartment or pocket that can be closed.

Leave a spare

If you feel like you still need to take an extra measure on not losing your keys – leave a spare with your friend or family member. This way, you are not left stranded if you do lose your keys.

However, if you ever lose your key and use a spare to enter, as an experienced locksmith from Perth, we suggest you change the lock. It is better to be safe than sorry.

These tips will help you never to lose your keys again. Nevertheless, if you ever happen to lose your keys, call us on 0492 360 504. Add it to your emergency numbers now! Our locksmiths have helped hundreds of customers in such situations with our 24-hour service on emergency occasions.