Wooden doors have a quality of warmth and timeless elegance that enhances the appeal of any home. However, doors are not merely decorative barriers but vital security aspects as well that greatly contribute to overall home security. Sturdy doors are essential, even if your home is armed with motion sensors, security alarms, CCTV cameras and guard dogs. So how does one make wooden doors more secure?

Read on to discover proven tips on how to strengthen the security features of your wooden doors and how your local locksmith in Perth can help with this.

Tips to improve the security of wooden doors

The strength of wooden doors depends on the quality of locks, hinges and frame used. Always make it a point to invest in high-grade locking hardware and multi-point locks available from reputed lock suppliers. If you are unsure about what locks would be right for your home, your nearest locksmith in Perth will be the right person to consult. Now let us move on to tips that will help strengthen your wooden doors.

1. Install deadbolts for added security

Deadbolts are a must for wooden doors for improved security. Since deadbolts feature spring-free operation, it is not easy for intruders to force open these locking mechanisms. Plus, the robust construction of deadbolts provides extra strength to wooden doors to improve resistance.

2. Get new door hinges if necessary

Weak hinges can make it easy for intruders to break down doors. So even if your doors are strong, it does not help much if the hinges are old and worn. Over the years, the best quality hinges can wear down and cease to offer the level of strength you expect. Hire a locksmith in Perth to take a look at your door hinges. If it is worn out beyond repair, get it replaced at the earliest.

3. Fortify the strike plate

Traditional strike plates have been designed to ensure smooth opening and closing of doors. It is not intended as a security feature. For this reason, it would be a good idea to upgrade to strike plates that have been specifically crafted to improve the security feature of wooden doors. A good quality strike plate complements deadbolts in providing additional security from burglars.

4. Install Door Chains

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There are many benefits to installing door chains on your home’s front door. It can help you determine who is at the front door before opening up and protect from forced intrusion by placing an obstacle in their way. They provide extra security when paired with deadbolts in neighbourhoods where crime rates may be high.

5. Switch to a wide-angle peephole

Everyone who rings the doorbell or appears on your front porch may not be welcome in your home. A peephole can help you view the situation through a closed door and decide on the best course of action. A wide-angle peephole can offer a better view so that you can spot a person even if he/she is not standing right in front of the peephole.

Get it done by the Best Locksmiths in Perth

Although you can fit your doors with all the locks and reinforcements you consider necessary, there is a limit to the level of security if your wooden doors are old or badly damaged. For this reason, it is important to get your doors professionally assessed before going in for reinforcements. If the experts suggest replacing the door, get in touch with reputed door suppliers to purchase a new door. On the other hand, if your existing door is fine, your locksmith in Perth will help find and install the right locking mechanisms to improve the security potential of your wooden doors. Do you have a wooden door that needs increased security? Reach out to us through our Contact page or call us at 0492 360 504