As a trusted locksmith from Perth, we have helped many homeowners and business owners get back on their premises after being accidentally locked out. Most of them were unable to get in because they didn’t have a spare key. In this article, we will help you understand why you should have a spare key.

Reasons for having a spare key

Listed below are some of the main reasons why you should have a spare key.

Broken or snapped key

In the long run, with age and usage, keys become prone to bending or breaking. Having a spare key ready will help you replace the original one when it breaks. You can also use the spare key and original key alternatively, which will allow them to last longer.

Convenient for multiple users

Imagine a scenario where you went out with your family. Unexpectedly you had to leave them because of some urgent work at the office. When you reached your office, you noticed that the house key was with you. Frustrating, right! A spare key can prove handy in similar situations.

If you are concerned about limiting access, you can implement a master key system. It can help you divide keys based on the need to access certain locks. Only the master key will have access to all locks.

Save time and money

Here is how. If you take care of your workplace keys and ever forget or lost them, the staff would have to wait for you to return with the original one, or you will need to call a locksmith. Both of them will cost you your time and money. A spare key is a very useful solution in such cases. An important point to note – if you lost the key, it is best to replace the lock. You never know if it was really lost or taken.

Prevent accidental lockouts

Lockouts can occur without any notice and to the most careful of people. It is frustrating and nerve-wracking, and it gets worse if you are in a hurry. Having a spare key hidden on the premises can resolve the problem quickly.

But where should you hide the spare key?

Under the doormat or inside a pot? That won’t work since these are the most popular spots and the first places a burglar would check. So, what’s a good hiding place?


You can fix a lockbox in an unnoticeable part of your home and keep your key inside it. It locks the key behind a numerical combination. You just have to ensure your family members know the combination.

Why should you have a spare key - Echidna Lock & Key

Peace of mind

Knowing there is a backup option is always relieving. Having a spare key is having a backup option when you are running late, and you can’t find your key, your original key gets damaged or when you get locked out. A spare key can save your day. However, do remember to check your spare keys regularly. If they ever get stolen or lost, we recommend you call a locksmith and change your locks immediately. Keeping the same lock will put you, your family or your business at risk.

Get your spare keys and a lockbox to safe keep them. Need a locksmith? Ring us on 0492 360 504, and we are always ready to assist you. We also offer 24-hour service in emergencies.