Coming home after a long tiring day at work and realising you’re locked out is one of the worst feelings ever. The frustration and the slow panic can make you feel even more exhausted. Surprisingly enough, the chances of finding someone who has never locked themselves out of their car or home are very low. The “locked out” situation is something most people experience at least once in their lives, whether it is due to a broken lock, a lost key, a forgotten combination, or simply the curious case of the missing key. So, what should you do and, importantly, should not do when you find yourself locked out? Here are some essential tips on what you should do when you’re locked out.

Check for unlocked windows and doors

First, take deep breaths. Then, take a walk around the perimeter of your house. You may not get inside through the front door, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be other entry points. While locking all doors and windows when you’re away is a must for home security, people sometimes tend to be forgetful. So, check if there are any windows or doors you’ve left unlocked. While that may be a good thing in the current situation, it is a reminder for you to ensure all your doors and windows are locked before you leave the house or building. There is a very narrow chance that this option will be available if you are locked out of your office building.

Call someone who has a duplicate key

What should you do when you’re locked out - Echidna Lock & Key

Stop! Don’t try to pick the lock! You might actually destroy the lock by jamming the keyhole like that. Try to remember who might have a spare key to the building. If you’re locked out of your home, one of your family members must have it. You could try contacting your roommate or the landlord if you’re staying as a paying guest. Chances are this will solve the problem, and you’ll be in the comfort of your own room soon! If it’s your office building, try to remember who has additional keys to the building.

Ask for help

If you and your neighbours have a good relationship, you could ask them for help. They might be able to open a window or door. Even if they can’t help you get inside the building, they’ll keep you company till help arrives.

Here are a few tips on how never to get locked out of your house.

Stop trying to open the door using a credit card!

Movies and YouTube will tell you to be cool and use your credit cards to open the locked door. It could work if you have a very weak lockset which means you need to replace it anyway. If you do have a functional lock, you’ll only break your credit card by attempting this “easy solution”. So, let your credit card stay where it is and look for a professional.

Contact a locksmith

It could be hard to resist the urge just to break down the door and enter when you just want to get inside. But don’t resort to this option unless the situation calls for it. Call your locksmith if you find yourself locked out, or it’ll take too long for someone with a key to reach you. While the costs will vary depending on the type of lock you use and where you live, the services of a locksmith will cost less than replacing a broken or damaged door or window. 

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