“I can’t find my keys.”

“I think I lost my keys.”

“I forgot to take the keys.”

We all have been there, being locked out of our own house. Here we share a few easy tips on how to avoid getting locked out of your house.

Make a Habit of Checking for Keys

Make it a routine to check for your keys before you leave your house or when you are returning home from another destination. This habit will ensure that you never forget to carry the keys with you.

Use a lockbox to hide a key

Since burglars can easily find the places where you hide your keys, hiding your lockbox and keeping the key inside is more secure. Ensure all your household members know the combination of the lockbox. This way, your key is well hidden from intruders but also easily accessible for you.

Why not take advantage of your next callout to have Echidna install a lockbox for you.

Share a Spare

How to avoid getting locked out of your house

Make spare keys and leave it with a trusted neighbour, friend, or family member.  They will act as a living lockbox. With this, you can ensure you have another option to get into your house even if you forgot or lost keys and avoid getting locked out of your house.

Keep a Spare in Your Car

Save a spare key in your car or purse. When keeping it in the car remember to avoid the glove compartment which will be the first place burglars will check.

Smart or Digital Locks

Use high-quality smart keys. Some of the popular smart locks are keypad combination locks and fingerprint locks. We recommend Carbine 3 in 1 digital, and Lockwood digital locks. Carbine is a standalone lock while Lockwood is connected to the Wi-fi. Both are highly functional with excellent quality.

Key Finder

Another solution is to purchase a key finder. You attach the device to your keychain and when you need to find the key either push a button on the separate unit or use your smartphone to locate them. High-quality key finders will help you track down your lost keys.

What to Do When You are Locked Out

Call for Help

Contact your neighbour, family or roommate to see if they can bring the spare key. You may have to make up to them for the inconvenience, but you won’t have to stay locked out for too long.

If your house is a rented one, try to contact your landlord and in case you live in an apartment complex, ask for access to your unit from your apartment manager.

Check the Perimeter

Look around the house for unlocked windows and doors. You can let yourself in if you find an unlocked one. Point to note – unlocked windows or doors are not safe, and we would never recommend it.

If you are squeezing yourself through a tight window, watch where you are landing! You don’t want to add a broken leg to your miseries!

Call a Locksmith

How to avoid getting locked out of your house

Contact a locksmith. We are the best option during emergencies. We can quickly and efficiently help you out of situations related to home lock-outs.

These tips will help you prevent getting locked out of your house. Nevertheless, if you still end up getting locked out, ring us on 0492 360 504 right away. Echidna has helped hundreds of customers get back into their homes and businesses. We are always there when you need us! Our 24 hour service will have you back inside in no time.