Is your shed well-locked and secure? If you thought that sheds are unimportant, here’s what happened to one of our clients – recently, we were called in to repair shed locks at a Duncraig home. The owner hadn’t found the shed had been broken into unless they had gone in to retrieve a piece of cleaning equipment. Needless to say, the equipment was stolen, amongst other things.

Sheds are double attractive to burglars – they are generally less secure than the rest of the property, plus they can have expensive gardening and cleaning equipment, bikes, power tools and most of them can be carried away easily. And with the Christmas season around the corner, homeowners are too busy to tend to their sheds. This is why you need to ensure that your shed is secure, especially if it has a passage to the home premises. Here are seven tips to secure your shed.

1. Lock your shed

Most homeowners lock their sheds just at night. An open shed will always be an easy target for any intruder, so make sure you lock your shed whenever it’s not in use. If you are going to leave the shed unattended for a couple of hours, take a few minutes to ensure it is safely locked.

2. Restrict access to the area

Securing the shed perimeter with a strong fence and gate is a good idea, especially if the shed is not closely connected with the house. Of course, if anyone wanted to climb a fence, they could do it. But locked gates will at least make it harder for people to enter your property and make them think twice about breaking in.

3. Check the condition of the shed door

Are you having trouble closing the door tightly? If you are, then you should consider replacing it. It’ll be easy for intruders to break in when the door isn’t completely shut. Damaged doors are also quite welcoming for sneaky creatures and wildlife. They will be useless against bad weather as well, which could lead to damaged equipment. 

4. Take care of the windows

While windows are beneficial for letting in natural light, they can also act as entry points. Are your windows big enough for a human to get through? If your answer is yes, consider reinforcing the windows with wire mesh. Since uncovered windows will let others know what exactly you store in the shed, you should think about using curtains, blinds or privacy films for your shed windows. It is also a good idea to install a lock mechanism on your shed windows.

5. Make sure your locks are good

Ensure the shed door locks are in good condition and are regularly serviced. Does your shed have a lot of valuable objects? For sheds that store expensive equipment and tools, it’s best to use a hasp and staple with solid bolts. Such locks cannot be knocked off easily by a hammer. If padlocks are your choice, ensure you get one with closed shackles. You can also add multiple locks or smart locks for extra protection.

6.  Install motion-sensor lights

Nothing scares a sneaky intruder in the dark more than bright lights. Install motion-sensor lights for your shed and, in fact, for the entire house perimeter. They will light up when someone comes near your shed and will do the double task of scaring away an intruder and alerting you of an intruder’s presence.

7. Install alarms and security cameras

Going the extra mile is always worth it when it comes to home and shed security, especially if you live in areas prone to burglary. In an unsafe neighbourhood, it’s recommended to install alarms in addition to motion-sensor lights. With the help of a reliable security team, you can easily add alarms to existing security systems. You can also install security cameras. Often, just the presence of a camera is a deal-breaker for burglars. In case someone does break in, you’ll have valuable footage for the security personnel.

Shed security is as important as the rest of the home. It can be hard to pay attention to your shed, especially during the holidays, but it’s worth the effort. These tips can help to secure your shed. If you haven’t checked your shed security yet, get a professional to look at it immediately. Contact Us or call us at 0492 360 504 right away if you are looking for a trustworthy locksmith around Ascot or Hazelmere, or other Perth suburbs.

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