Holidays come with the warm chaos that most people love. Unfortunately, it also comes with increased break-ins and burglary attempts. Your building’s safety should never be left for the last minute. If you live in Innaloo, Doubleview, Wembley, Balcatta, Carine or Duncraig schedule a locksmith visit at least a few weeks before you plan to take a holiday. So, how to secure your home during holidays and enjoy that well-deserved break? Read on.

If you’re going away, keep your plans offline

This can be a challenging suggestion to follow through. But if you are serious about securing your home during the holidays, keep your travel plans offline. Your posts will serve as prime information for burglars – they will know exactly when your house will be empty. Empty homes are easy targets for burglaries. So, resist the urge to post regular updates of your travel plans on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It’ll be easy to gather information even without interacting with your accounts directly if your accounts are public. Make sure only people you trust 100% are the ones who know of your holiday plans.

Give the impression that someone is home

As already mentioned above, empty homes easily attract burglars. One way to secure your home when you’re away is by lighting up your home at night. You can use lights with timers and set them to switch on and off at specific times. Using sensor lights or smart timers is also recommended. Motion sensors and floodlights will help protect your garage and porch. For rooms that are easily observable from the outside, use thick or semi-opaque curtains. Before you leave, tidy up the lawn as unkempt lawns and yards are the first sign the owners are not around.

Secure your home with locks

How to secure your home during holidays - Echidna Lock & Key

Of course, no one leaves a house without securing the locks, right? You’ll be surprised at the number of people who fail to double-check the locks are in place. You should make sure that the doors and windows are closed tightly and the locks are working correctly. The sheds, garage and side gates should also be locked. If you’ve lost any of the keys, consider replacing them. You can stop sliding windows from being jimmied open by putting a bar in the tracks. Consider installing a surveillance system if you’re going to be away for a long time.

Request someone to keep an eye on your house

Ask your neighbour or a friend to watch your house and notify you if they observe any suspicious activity. If you use newspaper services or receive mails often, request them to collect them and keep with them till you come back. If you are going away for a long time, it would be good to halt the services until you return.

Secure the yard

Do you have any spare keys under a pot by the backdoor? Change the hiding spot or leave it with a family member till you’re back home. Keep all the bikes, garden equipment and other valuable appliances inside the shed or the garage when you’re away. Burglars can easily carry them away if you keep them outside.

Make sure all the sockets are switched off

Short circuits cause accidents frequently. So, if you’re taking an extended vacation, make sure all your appliances, including the refrigerator and freezer, are turned off and unplugged. This means you have to finish off all the perishable food items before you leave. Double-check the heaters, stove, oven, and HVAC system. Inspect the furnace and chimney as well before you go. Clean the air ducts and, if possible, have a professional take a look at them. Ensure the smoke alarms have working batteries and that the electricity bill is paid so that alarm systems will work in your absence.

Secure your home during holidays with these tips and enjoy the break with peace of mind. And don’t forget to have a look at the locking systems and ensure they are in top shape. Not sure how to do that? Contact us or call us at 0492 360 504 for all locksmith services in Perth.