Who doesn’t get shivers thinking about your home getting burgled? But sometimes misfortunes do happen. While most people just freeze when they face a burglary, it is important to know what to do if you get burgled. This will help you minimise the damage and keep you safe.

During a Burglary

Try to get out of the house and hide in a safe place

If you realise that your house is being robbed, don’t try to confront the burglars; instead, try to quickly get outside and hide in a safe place. The burglars will be searching for a fast escape route, and their actions will be unpredictable in such situations. Confronting robbers during burglary means putting your life in danger.

Call the Police

If your chances of getting out of your house are slim, then hide somewhere safe. It’s best to choose a place you can lock or fortify yourself in. Even though the whole situation can be scary, try to keep yourself calm and call the emergency number or the police. It’s best to keep the call going so the police can continue listening to what’s occurring at your place.

Activate your house alarm

In case your house has installed a home security system, activate it. The sound of the alarm will make the thieves leave your premise instantly since they don’t want to be caught by the police.

After a Burglary

Do not touch anything

Leave things untouched since the burglars would have left some evidence, and touching them can destroy it. Wait for the police to arrive to submit a victim’s report. Further, the police will assign a police reference number that can be used for insurance purposes in the future.

Check to see what got stolen

Do a thorough check to find the things that have got stolen. These items could include your mails or credit card bills which can be used for identity theft. Check if any keys, valuables and electronics have gone missing. Report the list of missing items to the police. 

Also, call the bank and mobile phone carrier to notify them and change the passwords.

Change your locks

What to do if you get burgled? - Echidna Lock & Key

After the police formalities, the next priority should be re-securing your house. By now, you already know how and from where the burglar entered your home.

Take the necessary steps to repair or change a window or door to re-secure the place again. Change the locks to new ones in case they have stolen your keys. You can contact our locksmith; we offer a 24-hour support team for emergencies.  

Conduct a security audit

Perform a complete security inspection of your home to ensure that there are no vulnerabilities like a damaged window or overgrown trees etc. Read our blog on the home security checklist to know what all things you need to do to ensure your home safety.

Apply for insurance claims

Contact your home insurance firm and do the necessary to get your claim for the stolen items and damaged property, if any. The insurance company will mostly ask for the purchase bill of the stolen items and the crime reference number for processing the claim.

While we hope such incidents don’t happen, the above tips will help you know what to do if you get burgled. It’s always best to take precautions to prevent burglaries in the first place. Want to change your old locks to new ones to ensure your home safety? Call on 0492 360 504, and we are always ready to help you. We also offer 24- hour service in case of emergencies.