Keeping your home safe is a priority for everyone. Unfortunately, we sometimes miss out or forget something that compromises the security of our homes. With years of experience as Perth’s trusted locksmiths, we have compiled a Home security checklist for you. Print it, save it, share it!

Did you ensure all your entryways are secure?

Check all the windows and doors to ensure they are in good condition and well secured. Use solid materials for exterior doors to prevent burglars from breaking in. Also, make sure to install high-quality locking systems. We recommend Carbine 3 in 1 digital, and Lockwood digital locks which are highly efficient, top-quality locking systems.

Are all the entrances well lit?

Well lit homes can make burglars hesitant to break in. Place ample lights at the entrance and pathways. Use solar lights since they are efficient and energy-saving. You can also use motion sensor lights.

Are all the trees and shrubs around your house trimmed?

Keep the garden, shrubs and trees around your home well cared for and maintained. Overgrown shrubs and trees can provide burglars with an ideal place to hide.

Does your house have live streaming cameras?

Installing cameras around your house can help you to monitor your premises at all time. You can also keep an eye on who visits your place when you are away.

Do your windows have key-locks?

Install key-locks for windows, especially for the ones on the ground floor. This way, you can ensure the windows can’t be easily opened from the outside. You can also install safety bars or security screens to add extra protection.

Is your garage locked and all tools and ladders stored away?

Ensure your garage and shed are locked. Also make sure all the tools and ladders are stored safely away, so burglars can’t make use of them to break into your house.

Does your door have a peephole?

Having a door with peephole can help you check who is outside the door without opening the door. This can prevent you from opening doors to suspicious people and be on guard.

Does your house have an automatic light timer?

An automatic light timer can be programmed to switch on and off while you are away. This will give the impression that someone is at home to anybody is who is watching!

Are your valuables marked?

Marked valuables can help you identify them easily if they are stolen. The burglars also know this, so the chances are that they will stay away from marked valuables.

Have you recorded your assets?

Record the serial number of electronic gadgets so you can easily identify them if they are stolen.

Do you have window stickers?

Having window stickers can alert burglars that your home has a robust security system which will keep them away from your home.

Is there a phone in the bedroom with emergency numbers handy?

Always keep a phone with updated emergency numbers to call for help. Memorise atleast two numbers apart from Police and Fire that you know will be available to help.

Is your house number easily noticeable from the street?

Make sure your house number can be clearly noticeable from the street, so police or other emergency services can find your home easy and quick in case of any emergencies.

Have you joined the neighbourhood watch?

Having a trusted neighbour can be great since they can collect the mail, bring in bins and also keep an eye on your home when you are away. They will also inform you if they notice any suspicious activities around your premises.

We included everything that we could think of to keep your home safe. You can add or delete any point according to the neighbourhood you live in. Need a locksmith to get your Perth home safe? Give us a call on 0492 360 504, and we will be at your service. We also offer a 24-hour service for emergency occasions.