Front door security is critical, no two ways about it. It’s surprising how many people ignore this when a few simple but effective approaches can help improve front door security. As a trusted locksmith from Perth, we have helped many homes around Perth secure their front doors.

Best practices to improve your front door security

Replace old/broken locks

Old and rusty door locks can make your home vulnerable since burglars can break in with ease. Replacing broken or damaged locks is essential when it comes to home security. Regularly checking the condition of the locks can help you identify issues as soon as they crop up.

As an experienced locksmith from Perth, we recommend changing your door locks if you lose your keys or move to a new home. Book an appointment with your locksmith right away if you have a rusty or damaged lock.

Go keyless

A keyless door locking system can not only make it difficult for burglars to enter but also save you from the disaster of losing keys. These days’ smart locks come with many advanced features. Want to know more about smart locks? Click here.

Install deadbolt

Install a deadbolt to your wooden door and ensure your lock is fixed deep into the wooden frame that is able to withstand any forced entry. The ideal length for a bolt is 2.5 cm in length.

Ensure your door and windows security

It is essential to make sure the doors and windows are strong. If your wooden door is not strong enough, burglars can easily break in with force. Ensure the door and window frame are sturdy and fixed correctly. Security screens are a good option.

Also, ensure that you have appropriate locks for the front door and windows based on the size and material.

Install a door alarm

Door alarms can scare away intruders with their loud noise. The alarms have sensors that can detect break-in attempts and activate the alarm.

Opt for windowless doors

Doors with windows are an additional beauty to your home but can leave you at a security risk. Windows near the lock of the door can make it easy for intruders to enter your home.

If you have a door with windows, ensure that the glasses used are solid and difficult to break.

Make sure your front door area is well lit at night

Burglars always hesitate to come near a well-lit pathway and surroundings. Install lights that will keep your front door area bright and clear. It’s best if you could do the same around your house and premises. Being in plain sight can deter intruders from attempting to break-in brightly lit homes and premises.

Monitor your door

Install a security camera to keep your front door under close surveillance. Modern security cameras come with motion detectors and notification facilities that will alert you when it detects motion.

These are some tips to improve your front door security. Echidna has assisted many families in and around Perth in resolving their lock issues. Need a locksmith to change your locks? Buzz us on 0492 360 504, and we will be at your door. During emergencies, we offer a 24-hour service.