Is it time to ring up the locksmith? Lost keys, moving into a new house or office, a recently renovated property, break-in attempts are all reasons to get your door locks changed fast. We list here some of the common reasons why and when you should change door locks for your home or business.

When to change door locks for your home?

Moved into a new house

The previous owner of the property may have copies of the keys or left it with neighbours or friends, giving them access to the house. Change the locks to eliminate risks of break-ins.

Your child has lost a key

You may have given a copy of your house key to your child or a friend. The key could have been lent to someone else or even lost and not remembered. Call your locksmith as soon as you remember the loaned key.

Locks are Ancient

Like us locks too get old. They can become stubborn and difficult to operate. Book an appointment with your locksmith if you struggle to unlock your door every time.

When to change door locks for business?

When should I change my door locks? - Echidna Lock & Key

Employee Quits

No matter how trustworthy an employee has been, change the locks once he/she quits. Ex-employees can misplace not-needed keys which can further fall into wrong hands. You can never be too careful with your office assets and business data.

Renovated Your Office

Change the locks after your office renovation. Even though your contractor is trustworthy, we can’t be sure about the other workers. Have all your locks changed after the renovation is completed, so you don’t need to lend the keys again.

Your Tenant moved out

Change locks once a tenant has moved out. You cannot be sure if key copies have been made. It’s best to get locks changed for the safety of your house and future tenants.

Other reasons to change your locks

Lost Your Keys

Keys have a way of getting lost and showing up months and years later. It’s difficult to be sure if they are actually lost or stolen. Or maybe stolen, copied and replaced. If keys have been missing, get the locks changed without delay.

Experienced a Break-in

If you are a victim of a break-in, change the locks immediately. Change the lock system and replace it with a better lock to avoid future risks.

Haven’t Changed Locks for a Long Time

Even if you haven’t experienced any issues, change your locks every so often. This way, you can prevent risks and also take advantage of any new technological advancement. You can be at peace that your home is secure. Consult with a locksmith to see if your locks should be updated.

Here are some tips for key safety:

When should I change my door locks? - Echidna Lock & Key

  • Give your key only to people you trust.
  • Keep track of your keys. If you are a business consider creating a key register to keep track of who has keys. Also, get staff to sign to say they have accepted a key.
  • Avoid putting your address on keys or keychains.
  • Ensure you have a departing staff member procedure that includes getting the key back.
  • It isn’t always practical to recut 20 keys if every staff member has a copy of a key but we would still recommend it.

They say that locks are only intended to keep honest people out. This may be true but we shouldn’t make it too easy for people to gain unauthorised access to our properties! Remember that locks are only one aspect of building security – alarms, cameras, security patrols and even guard dogs can play a role. These measures can all help to ensure the safety of your family, business and tenants.

If you need your locks changed give us a call on 0492 360 504 or keep our number handy for when you do. We offer a convenient 24-hour call-out service for those unexpected occasions.