Are you planning on buying a new digital lock? Smart locks have unmatched advantages, but they come with their own set of disadvantages too. How well a smart lock will work for you will depend on your safety needs and budget. Before you go ahead with that purchase, here is a quick look at the pros and cons of digital locks to help make your decision.

Pros of digital locks

1. Convenient

This is the best advantage of a digital lock – you don’t need to carry keys around anymore. All you need is to remember an access code to open the door. What if you can’t remember it? Just save it on your phone! Just ensure that your phone is well secured so that no one can hack and steal the data.

2. No more lost or misplaced keys

You don’t have to worry about losing, misplacing, or forgetting the keys with digital locks. No more being locked out of your property.

3. Easy to set custom codes

There is no need for a spare key with a digital lock – everybody can use the same code to enter the property. What if you need someone to access the premises temporarily? You can set custom codes and also set an expiration time so that the code cannot be used later.

4. Easy to change codes

While traditional locks involve time and money to get damaged keys replaced, you can easily change the access codes of a smart lock. It is advisable to change the codes at regular intervals, as keypads can wear with constant use. You don’t want someone to guess the code by just looking at the worn-out keys on the lock!

Cons of digital locks

What are the pros and cons of digital locks? - Echidna Lock & Key

1. Expensive

Digital locks are costlier than traditional locks and keys. Depending on the model, sometimes the cost of a single smart lock can be equal to the cost of multiple traditional locks.

2. Need to be recharged

Most digital locks run on batteries. Whether they run on replaceable or rechargeable batteries, you need to ensure that they have sufficient charge. There is a danger of being locked out unexpectedly if the charge runs out.

3. Codes need to be changed routinely

With traditional locks, you need to replace the key or lock only if it is damaged. With digital lock keypads, frequent use can cause the keys to wear out. To avoid this, you will need to change the code combinations regularly.

4. Technical challenges

Though using keypads are easier, some elders may be averse to using digital locks. We have come across instances where elders in the family wrote the code on a piece of paper and carried it around with them. Also, children in the family can watch you entering the code, memorise it and share it with others. In both cases, you may never come to know that the access password has been compromised since there are no lost or stolen physical keys.

What about security?

The response on this one is mixed. The smart lock proponents point out that since there are no physical keys, there is no chance of lost, misplaced or stolen keys. It’s not easy to break into the codes, as hacking needs a certain level of skill. You can keep changing the codes at periodic intervals and avoid copies being made of keys, as in the case of traditional locks. Those against smart locks point out that codes can be hacked remotely with the help of automated password breakers. Also, once the code is compromised, anybody can walk into your property in broad daylight and just casually enter the codes without having to physically break in and attract attention.

If you decide to buy a smart lock, ensure that your wi-fi router is protected with a VPN and antivirus security mechanism. Also, it would be a good idea to go for models that alert you on your mobile every time a door is accessed.

It is necessary to go for a good model digital lock that gives you the maximum benefits and security. We hope that this list of pros and cons of digital locks is useful for you. If you are unable to make a decision, we’ve got your back. Contact us or call us at 0492 360 504 if you are in Innaloo, Doubleview or any adjacent Perth suburbs, and we’ll help you make the right decision.