A key breaking off while inside the lock can be an upsetting and frustrating issue. But considering that most keys are manufactured from soft metals such as nickel or brass, the issue is not very unusual. Wear and tear over the years, or poor lubrication within the lock are other factors that can result in a broken key in the lock.

When you ultimately face this issue, it is important to get it fixed as soon as possible – either on your own or by calling in expert locksmiths in Perth. If the key broke before the lock fell in place, you would be unable to secure the door until the problem is resolved. And if the door has already been locked, you will be unable to open it until the broken bit is removed from the lock.

So read on to discover some useful tips that may help you handle this situation.

Tips to get a broken key out from the lock

Take a look at the broken bit of key stuck in your lock. If there is a considerable portion sticking out, you are in luck. This is because you can easily pinch the broken end and carefully pull out the key in no time. However, if the broken piece is fully within the lock, try these tips:

1. Try using tweezers

If you have a pair of tweezers thin enough to slide around the key piece stuck in the lock, you can try using it to gently ease the key out. Remember that this only works if the tweezers manage to remain open and still fit around the key. Else, you may end up pushing the key further in and potentially damaging the lock.

2. Fashion hacksaw blade into a tool

The plan here is to create a thin piece of metal that you can insert into the lock and pull out the key. So you need to use tools like nose pliers to break the hacksaw blade. Then gently insert the blade so that the serrated edges point in your direction. Turn and pull to get the key out. If multiple tries fail to do the trick, contact locksmiths in Perth for professional help.

3. Super glue to the rescue

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This particular tip demands precision and patience. Do not go for this option if your key is stuck too back in the lock. For this tip to work, a little bit of the key needs to stick out. Take a matchstick or a piece of wire and apply just enough super glue to the tip. Hold it to the edge of the key in the lock without applying too much pressure. Once the glue hardens, use the matchstick or wire as a handle to pull out the key.

Regular lubrication can save the key from breaking.

There are a couple of things you can do to prevent your key from breaking inside the lock. Keeping the lock lubricated is one of these. When you find it hard to turn the lock, spray a silicone-based lubricant into the keyhole. With frequent use, your keys will begin to wear and turn more vulnerable to breaking. Be prepared by getting a copy made and replacing the old one before it has a chance to break.

In case you have to deal with a key that breaks in its lock and your DIY hacks are not working as expected, get in touch with locksmiths in Perth at the earliest. Hiring a locksmith is always a good idea when you need reliable results as soon as possible. If you stay in Innaloo, Doubleview, Wembley, Balcatta, Carine and Duncraig, you can reach us at 0492 360 504. We handle such jobs regularly and are equipped with the right tools to get them done. We can open your locked door and also make a new key.