Moving houses in Perth are equal parts exciting, hectic, and exhausting. More often than not, you’ll forget a task or lose an item. With the homeowners being distracted, burglars have an easier chance to sneak in. Even after completing the move, unpacking will be another ordeal, leaving you and your home at risk from unwanted intruders. To avoid compromising your safety, here’s a security checklist for when you’re moving houses.

1. Preparing for the move

  • Find a trustworthy removalist. Do your research on companies near you. Check the reviews and the rates.
  • Update the insurance policy. If you have an insurance plan, contact the company, and inform them about your move.
  • Pack and label. Try to pack everything by yourself or only with the help of your most trusted inner circle, especially for valuables. Label every box and donate or discard items you don’t use anymore, depending on their condition. Don’t forget to count your boxes!
  • Check the condition of the current residence. If you rented the building, you’re obligated to return it in the same condition it was in when you got it. So, clean the property and take a look around for anything that needs fixing.
  • Visit the new place. Before moving day arrives, visit your new home and analyse the home security. Check the conditions of the doors, windows, shutters, and locks. If possible, try to have a locksmith come over and test as well. Echidna provides quick locksmith assistance in Innaloo, Doubleview, Wembley, Balcatta, Carine and Duncraig areas. So, if you are moving to any of these places, contact us or ring us at 0492 360 504 right away.
  • Change the locks. Even if the new home has locks in good condition. You can never be sure if you have received all the copies of the keys. This is a self-explanatory one, but most people tend to get locks changed after moving into a new home. We strongly advise getting this done before your move so that you already have new locks in place. Call your trusted locksmith in Perth and change all the locks on the property, including windows and garage.

2. The day of the move

Security checklist when you’re moving houses - Echidna Lock & Key
  • Personal documents and valuables. You must have packed the documents carefully already. Since they’re sensitive files, avoid leaving them with the removalists. Carry them with you or leave them with somebody you trust till you are free to get them back.
  • Count the boxes. Never leave any of your belongings unsupervised during a move. Not only can your packages be easily stolen, but they may also be broken or missed during the process.
  • Check electric connections. Before you leave, remember to turn off all the electrical connections to avoid short-circuiting. Also, do a good sweep on the fireplace. Switch off the fuel sources.
  • Lock everything. Once all the items have been cleared, lock the windows and doors. Double-check and triple check to make sure everything is sealed correctly.

3. The new house

  • Count the boxes. Check if you have received all the boxes from the removalists and they are in good condition. Unpacking can take time, so don’t rush it. Give yourself some time to settle in.
  • Meet the neighbours. Last but not least, say hi to your neighbours. Strong bonds with the neighbours will help you in the long run. They can also assist you in settling into new surroundings.
  • Raise a toast to your new home!

Moving houses is a chaotic and exhausting process. We hope this security checklist will come in handy when you’re moving to a new place. If you need the services of a locksmith to assist you during your move, contact us or call us at 0492 360 504. We offer quick and efficient solutions for all lock-related troubles in Perth.