Home security begins at your front door. If you have just shifted to a new house, it is impossible to be sure who may have keys to your front door. Let us consider another instance. What if you lose the keys to your door? Can you sleep in peace knowing that someone out there might easily gain access to your home?

In such situations, your first instinct will be to change the locks on your doors. But did you know that you have more economical options like rekeying locks? In fact, security experts affirm that most of the time, when you feel that you need to change locks, what you actually need to do is rekey the locks.

So, what is the difference between changing or rekeying locks? And which one should you go for? Read on to gain more clarity on this. 

Changing locks and when you might need it

Changing locks involves removing the complete locking hardware on your door and replacing it with a brand-new locking system. The locks and keys will all be new. However, this can be on the pricey side and may not be really necessary all the time.

If your locks are really old and showing signs of wear, a locksmith might suggest replacing them rather than rekeying the locks. Similarly, if your locks are outdated and do not provide the level of security you expect, it is fine to get them replaced with more advanced and secure electronic locking systems.

The convenience of use is another aspect that modern homeowners expect from their home locks. If the doors in your home feature locks of various brands, you need to maintain a bunch of keys and fumble around for the right one to gain access. By changing locks on all doors, you can now access them all with a single key.

Rekeying locks and when to go for it

Rekeying vs Changing Locks - Echidna Lock & Key

If your lock is a high-grade one that works fine and you need to upgrade it for various reasons, rekeying locks is the way to go. During this process, a locksmith changes the pins within your existing lock so that it can no longer open with the old keys. You will then be provided with a new key to access the rekeyed lock.

If you need to access all doors within your home with the same key, rekeying is an option, provided that all door locks are of the same brand. When you have moved in to a new house and need to ensure that no one else has keys to your door, rekeying will help you achieve just that.

It is not unusual to lose keys. If you have lost your door key, you can eliminate unauthorized access by rekeying the locks. This way, even if someone finds your old key, they will be unable to use it to open your door. 

When you change locks, you have to pay for new locks plus the labour. But for rekeying, you need to pay mostly for the labour, making it a more affordable choice. Remember to keep your old key handy when calling in a locksmith for rekeying locks. This is because picking a lock will cost extra. This also means that if you have lost the key, picking the lock and rekeying it may cost more than buying and installing a new lock system.

Rekeying vs Changing Locks for your Perth home

Buying new, high-grade locks and getting them installed by professional locksmiths is an expensive affair. Many homeowners, therefore, tend to choose cheaper locksets available online. However, the problem here is that such locks are usually spring-based and can be opened with a piece of wire, a hairpin or a screwdriver. Clearly, such locks cannot be trusted as the first line of defence in your home.

Rekeying locks is a more affordable option when the budget is a concern. In addition to saving on the expense of buying brand new locks, you also get guaranteed security with a new set of keys. Not sure if you need a rekey or lock change for your Perth home? Contact us and we’ll help you out. If you are in Innaloo, Doubleview, Wembley, Balcatta, Carine and Duncraig areas, you can reach us faster at 0492 360 504.