Did you know that Australia is 7th on the list of countries with the highest burglary rates? According to research and surveys conducted by Budget Direct, 4.3% of Australian households have had at least one attempted break-in in the past year. Since most burglars prefer to use the front door as their entry point, making your front door security fool-proof is necessary to prevent break-ins. So, how can you do that? Here are some practical ways to improve your front door security to keep away all the troubles that come knocking at your front door.

1. Upgrade your locks to deadbolts

Locks are the core of front door security. Strong locks mean strong doors. Since intruders often force their way through a front door by kicking the door open, you have to be careful when choosing your door locks. Compared to a spring-loaded latch, deadbolts are harder to manipulate. The bolt won’t move unless the lock core gets rotated and hence can prevent forced entries. A good quality deadbolt combined with a strong strike plate is the first step to improving your front door security.  After getting in touch with a trusted locksmith, consider upgrading to deadbolts if you’re not already using them. 

2. Install security screens

Using security screens is another way to improve your front door security. Security screens are perforated steel structures built to keep intruders out. You have the option to add extra locks and enhance their strength. The perforated nature of the screen will let you see what’s happening outside the door without putting yourself at risk. The stronger the material of the screen, the better will be your defence. Security screens are available in a wide range of styles and grades, giving you the option to choose what suits your home best.

3. Make your door frame and hinges stronger

Reinforcing the door frame and hinges is a vital step in improving home security. The screws of the hinges should be at least two and a half inches long. Using small metal hinge bolts, you can upgrade the strength of the hinges and make your doors more resistant to forced break-ins. To make your door frame stronger, you can use ready-to-use jamb reinforcement kits available in the market.

4. Strengthen the lock hardware

When you install a lock, you will drill holes onto the door. This portion of the door becomes a weak point of front door security due to these holes. Protect the removed parts of the door using metal slipcovers. Shaped like hardcovers, they have set screws and a lock to hold them in place. They will act as an additional layer of protection for your locks and front door security.

5. Make your entryways lit

Burglars often use the cover of darkness to break into homes. The chances of them targeting a well-lit building are low. Interior lighting will inform them that there are people in the house and deter them from continuing their evil plans. Having pathways and entryways lit up will also be successful in preventing forced intrusions. Installing sensors and motion-detecting lights will keep the intruders away, even when you’re not at home.

Perth Suburbs with the highest number of security upgrades

Over the past 6 months, we have noticed the following suburbs lead the way for upgrading their home security – East Perth, West Perth, Balcatta, Nedlands and Northbridge.

These are some simple and practical tips to improve your front door security. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us, your trusted locksmith in Perth, if you need more guidance. We offer round the clock locksmith services in Perth. Contact us or call us at 0492 360 504 for quick, long-lasting solutions.