Losing the front door keys can happen to anyone. Fumbling for the right key in a bunch of keys can frustrate even the calmest people. What if you had an option that would neatly eliminate all these issues without compromising on accessibility or security? Keyless door locks!

In addition to being a boon for homes, keyless door locks are the preferred choice for businesses as well. If you have traditional locks and an employee loses their key, you need to get a new one made. Similarly, if a high-profile employee leaves, you may need to change locks to prohibit unauthorised access to confidential files. With keyless door locks, all you need to do is change the access code.

If you are not familiar with these locks, you may have many questions running through your mind. Is it affordable? How does it work? Is it more secure than the traditional lock and key system? So here is a look into what you should know about keyless door locks.

Types of keyless door locks

Keyless door locks are just that – they have been designed to lock or unlock without needing a physical key. They open using a code or PIN or biometric access. Most of these locks provide multiple options to gain entry, so you are not locked out even if you have forgotten the code. The most common models include:

  • Keypad or Combination locks: These locks usually require you to key in a PIN and may have either a touch screen or physical buttons. It may work in combination with security features such as deadbolts and work well for residential and office spaces.
  • Key Cards: Bluetooth enabled locks can be accessed with key cards or access cards. All you need to do is place the card in front of the lock screen or tap the card on the lock sensor. These work best for office and commercial spaces.
  • Biometric locks: These keyless locks use a fingerprint scanner or retinal scanner to permit access. This is currently considered the most secure of the lot since it is extremely difficult to duplicate fingerprints. These work well for both residential and office spaces.
  • Wireless smart locks: These popular locks use WiFi connectivity so that you can remotely control the locks through a mobile app. Such locks are generally a part of a smart home security package.

Since every home and business has its set of unique requirements, you need to choose one that perfectly aligns with your expectations. If you are not very familiar with keyless door locks, professional locksmiths in Perth will be able to help you with the purchase, installation and usage of high grade smart locks.

Benefits of keyless door locks

There are multiple benefits of keyless door locks compared to traditional door locks.

  • Greater security features: Intruders find keyless door locks tougher to disarm since it usually includes additional security functions. The keypad may shut down, or the deadbolt may be locked into place to resist unauthorised entry attempts.
  • Convenience: If your child has forgotten the code, you can easily share the code rather than travelling all the way down just to get the door open.
  • Programmable access: You can program locks to permit access only for specific individuals.
  • More durable: Since physical touch and interaction is minimal, these locks last longer.
  • Affordable: With more companies launching keyless locks, the prices have considerably come down in recent years.

So, there you have it. Keyless door locks provide the best of security and convenience while ensuring easy access for selected members.

Keyless door locks redefine the concept of accessibility with added security. With combination locks, you can rest assured that your family will gain safe access into your home even if they have misplaced their key or forgotten the code. With biometric locks at the workplace, you can easily control the accessibility limits of each employee and ensure that areas with sensitive information remain accessible only to specially authorised personnel.

It is best to explore all your options and choose a keyless door lock that meets your budget and security concerns. Contact us if you are anywhere in Perth or its suburbs, and we’ll help you make the right decision. Balcatta, Carine, Duncraig and Wembley residents can reach us at 0492 360 504 for faster service.