Like most homes, if your home has multiple doors leading into it and many doors within, you may feel it is more convenient to have a single key for multiple locks. This is what is known as having your locks keyed alike. So, is it a smart decision to have your locks open with a master key or are you compromising your security with that move? Let us explore the pros and cons of having one key for multiple locks 

The most common reasons for having a single or master key

There are many reasons why homeowners contact locksmith services in Perth to have their locks keyed alike. Some of these reasons include:

1. Moving into a new house

When you have just shifted into a new house, it is impossible to be sure how many people have the keys to those locks on the doors. Changing all locks and keying them alike makes things easier and safer for you and your family.

2. Losing your keys

If you have just lost the keys to your doors, anyone who finds the keys may gain unauthorized entry to our home. When you need to change the locks anyway, upgrading to keyed alike locks seems like a good idea.

3. Upgrading to advanced locks

If you are changing those ancient locks with more sophisticated ones, most homeowners find it convenient to make all the locks open with a master key.

Advantages of a Master key for Multiple Locks

1. Convenience is definitely the most obvious advantage of a master key

Imagine carrying around a ring with multiple keys to the house, not to mention your car keys and office keys as well. And you know how you can never seem to slide in the right key when you are in a hurry. Even if you have colour coded or labelled all the keys, the bunch of keys can be heavy and inconvenient to carry around. Installing keyed alike locks on all doors neatly eliminates all these issues.

2. More economical to have a single key

Since you have to buy just one key for all the locks, it is an economical option. If you happen to lose the key, you need to get just a single replacement. However, remember that for guaranteed security, most locksmith services in Perth recommend having the locks changed in case you have lost the keys.

It’s important to note here that only locks with similar mechanisms can share a key. For example, a deadbolt and a padlock cannot share a master key.

Drawbacks of having a master key for all locks

1. Reduced Privacy

What are the pros and cons of one key - Echidna Lock & Key

You do not want everyone to gain access to all parts of your home. If you need a neighbour to check in on your cat while you are away holidaying, restricting access to your hallway or pet area will be more than enough. However, with a master key, the person will be able to gain entry to any area that can be unlocked with the key, thereby compromising your security and privacy.

2. Compromised Security

The situation is worse in case you lose your key. Anyone who finds it can freely enter your home and gain access to all rooms. To prevent such an incident, you will have to rekey all the locks. If the locks were not keyed alike, rekeying the single lock with the missing key would have been sufficient.

Master key or Multiple keys?

Deciding to go with keyed alike locks on your doors has its share of advantages and disadvantages. While it eliminates the need for everyone in the family to carry around multiple keys, it also makes it easier for anyone with a key to access your entire home. The decision is, therefore, entirely your individual choice.

Once you have made up your mind, contact your local locksmith services for master key locks, locks with removable core or keyless entry locks. The best locksmith services in Perth also offer reliable advice on what would be the right option for your circumstances.

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