You will be surprised to know how frequently we are called in to fix a place after a burglary that could have been avoided with a little bit of care. Sometimes, it is the most common home security mistakes that get ignored the most. Preventing these mistakes can keep your family and property safe.

So, what are the common home security mistakes that you need to avoid?

1. Hiding the spare key in obvious places

As we always repeat, hiding keys under a pot or mat is too obvious; burglars are familiar with the common key hiding places. This is especially true if your home is going to be unattended for a considerable time. Ideally, you can give the key to your neighbour for safekeeping or install a lockbox in a hidden area to keep your spare key locked.

2. Posting on social media

Posting about your current location or future travelling plans on social media platforms can put your home under threat. Burglars can easily get the information that you won’t be home leading to an increase in the chances of a break-in.

So, it’s always best to share your holiday memories after the journey.

3. Neglecting mails and deliveries

If you plan to leave your house for a few days, it’s better to ask your neighbour or friend to collect the milk or deliveries. If you plan to stay away for more than a week, you may want to cancel the deliveries for the days you are out.

Piled-up newspapers or mails can attract burglars because it is an indication that the owners are not there to take care of it.

4. Leaving the house unattended

Common home security mistakes - Echidna Lock & Key

Leaving your lawn and plants unattended while you are away from home can give away the fact that your home is unoccupied. It’s wise to ask a friend or family or arrange someone to water the plants, mow the lawn and complete other housekeeping tasks when you are out for long.

5. Neglecting to change locks after moving to a new property

It’s always wise to change all locks when you move into a new place.  It isn’t easy to ensure all the copies of the keys are handed over to you. To ensure your families safety, it’s always recommended to change all the locks after moving to a new house.

6. Leaving without locking all windows and doors

At times when we are in a rush, we neglect to ensure all the windows and doors are locked. While that may seem a basic safety measure, it is also a commonly forgotten measure. Unlocked windows and doors allow burglars to enter your home even without leaving any track. Ensure the doors and windows are locked every time you go out.

7. Placing valuables where they can be easily seen from the outside

Displaying valuables near your windows is like welcoming burglars’ attention to your home. Store valuable items where it is not noticeable. You can also use curtains or screens to prevent the view into your home.

8. Leaving without informing anyone

It’s always advisable to inform your neighbours that you won’t be home for some time. They are the most likely people to notice any suspicious activity first. They can keep an eye on your property, inform you or call the authorities if your alarm goes off or notice anyone suspicious.

Are you guilty of any of these common home security mistakes? Taking sufficient precautions and having a good security system is essential when it comes to protecting your family and property. If you need help with deciding on a suitable security system, install a lockbox or wish to change the locks of your new place – Contact us through the official page or ring us on 0492 360 504. We also offer 24- hour service for emergencies.