Garage doors are often neglected when home and business owners plan their security systems. In our years of locksmith services in Perth, we have often seen this neglect make the garage one of the most vulnerable points of any building’s security and act as easy entries for burglars. Since many people store valuable items such as vehicles, tools, and equipment in the garage, it’s easy to see why this needs immediate attention. Here are seven simple tips for garage door security you can implement now to keep out all unwanted intruders!

1. Install a garage door lock

Installing a lock for your garage door allows you to wholeheartedly relax at home, especially if you live in an area prone to break-ins. You can use a traditional lock and key system or install a password-protected keypad. Locks that sound alarms when forced open or when people enter the wrong passwords are also a good idea. Also, install a deadbolt lock on your garage/home door for added safety. Not sure which lock will work best for your garage? Call us for quick assistance!

2. Frost your windows

While windows are an excellent way to brighten up your garages, they also allow intruders to get a clear view of what’s in your garage and assess entry points. Observing the garage – the number of cars, for example- will give the intruders an idea of the place’s current occupants. So, how do you solve this problem? By adding a layer of frosted film to the windows. Frosting the windows will prevent outsiders from peeking into your garage while still allowing enough light to filter through to liven it up.

3. Use smart garage door openers or monitors

Tips for garage door security - Echidna Lock & Key

Smart garage door openers allow you to monitor all garage door related activity from anywhere. If someone forces your door open, you’ll receive an alert on your smartphone immediately. Wi-Fi connected monitors notify you every time the garage door is opened or closed. Technologies like these act as an extra layer of protection for your garage. 

4. Invest in motion-detecting floodlights

When unwelcome “guests” try to force their way into your garage using the cover of all-concealing darkness, a sudden burst of light is often enough to make them give up. Motion-sensor lights can detect movement up to 20-30 feet away and will immediately blaze to life as soon as they do. To help conserve energy, look for solar-powered floodlights.

5. Don’t leave your garage door remote in the car

A lot of people keep the garage door opener remote in their or even in their passenger seats. While it may be convenient, it is also less secure. A burglar will check for remotes in your car first before moving onto others. So, make sure you carry the remote in your pocket or purse when you’re outside. When you reach home, keep them with your car keys. 

6. Use security cameras

Motion-activated cameras start recording when a vehicle or a person approaches the garage door. These cameras can also be synced with your smartphones, so you can check on the garage door status even when you’re away.

7. Do proper maintenance

The only way to ensure the best performance of your garage door system is by doing proper maintenance. Oil and grease the garage door regularly. Change the lights periodically and follow all the instructions given in the user’s guide. If you notice strange sounds or changes in the garage door, contact a professional immediately.

Garage door security is a crucial part of your home security. The above tips for garage door security will give you peace of mind knowing that your garage is secure. If you have any queries on garage door security or need assistance during an emergency, you can always contact us or ring us at 0492 360 504. Echidna Lock & Key offers you experienced locksmith services for all security systems in Perth.