Doors are an integral part of home security. And what’s a door without a good lock! Funnily door locks tend to get the short end of the stick when it comes to home maintenance. Sometimes because homeowners don’t realise the importance of solid locks, other times because they’re not sure how to care for their door locks. Due to this, door locks fail to perform at their best, making your homes vulnerable to burglars and intruders. So, how can you avoid having weak door locks? Here are seven easy tips for maintaining your door locks so you can sleep in peace at night and go out in peace during the day!

1. Ensure doors are correctly installed

The first step to having solid doors and door locks is ensuring proper door installation. If the door sags, it will put extra pressure on the latch and the lock, causing them to malfunction. You may be unable to open or lock the doors, which will lead to dangerous situations. So, when you install a new door or when a door lock fails to function, have a professional come over and check if the door installation is done appropriately.

2. Clean the locks regularly

Like any household item, door locks, too, need regular cleaning. During the day, locks are exposed to dust, dirt, and humidity. If you don’t clean them, the grime will build-up, which will make the lock stuck. Door locks should be cleaned at least once every few months to be in prime condition.

3. Inspect screws and strike plates often

Your doors will be in the optimal state when the hinges have at least one long screw that connects them to the door frame. This will make the door frame fit perfectly against the wall and avoid sagging or leaning. Check to make sure that the strike plates are also intact. Strong hinges and strike plates will make your doors adequately rigid and help your door locks perform their best.

4. Avoid using unnecessary force when opening locks

Tips for maintaining door locks - Echidna Lock & Key

While door locks are sturdy, they aren’t immune to damage. Many people have the habit of applying unnecessary force when opening locks. The extra pressure will eventually break the locks, whether it’s slamming the door or hitting the locks with heavy items. So, make sure you handle your door locks in a manner that facilitates longevity.

5. Lubricate the locks

Lubrication is a vital step in door lock maintenance. Doing proper lubrication will increase the life span of your locks. First, spray the lock with a lubricant that is suitable for your lock material. Then, insert the key and lock and unlock to remove any debris left inside the keyhole.

6. Check on the deadlatch and deadbolt frequently

Many doors have a deadlatch that locks automatically when you close the door. If your deadlatch accidentally falls into the strike plate, it will have significant damage that will destroy its functionality. So, it would be best to inspect the deadlatch every now and then to ensure the placement is correct. Similarly, deadbolts can also fail if not checked regularly.

7. Use proper materials when cleaning

If you use unsuitable materials when you clean your door locks, the chances of damaging them are very high. Using the wrong type of lubricant will clog the keyhole. Harsh washcloths could scratch the surface and make them vulnerable to rusting. Therefore, when you’re cleaning your door locks, ensure the materials you use are of high quality and that they are suitable for your doors and locks.

Door locks are not exactly high on the list of household care maintenance. Which is sad because locks are an integral part of home security. We recently had an emergency locksmith call from a Wembley client. On our checking, the lock was ready to give away with just one hard blow. Luckily, the client noticed it in time before any unfortunate incident. They told us that their door locks hadn’t been serviced in a long time.

These seven simple tips for maintaining door locks, together with regular locksmith maintenance, will help you maintain your door locks perfectly. If you need an expert locksmith to take a look at your door locks, you can contact us or call us at 0492 360 504. We offer affordable and efficient locksmith services in  Perth.