In a recent burglary in Cottesloe, a burglar entered a house through the front bedroom window around 3 am, while the residents were at home! Someone from the house heard the noise and came to investigate, but the burglar had already picked up a handbag and escaped with it. A card in the bag was later used to make a fraudulent purchase in Innaloo. This incident goes to show that window security is of utmost importance at all times, not just when you are away from home or on vacation. So here are some tips for window security for homes and office spaces.

6 Tips for Window Security for Homes and Offices

1. Good quality glass

The window glass is one of the first lines of defence against a window break-in. Go for toughened glass that can withstand high pressure or impact. Highly durable multiple-layered glasses can turn a window from a vulnerable entry point to a highly secure barrier.

2. Security grilles

Install good quality security grilles on all the windows. Research the products in the market and go for products that meet Australian specified standards. A good security grille should be able to withstand sharp cutting tools. The recent products in the market are aesthetically designed in addition to being strong and can be custom painted to match the general decor.

3. Sturdy locks

Very few premises, if any at all, have window locks installed. Good quality window locks are essential, especially for premises more prone to burglary. Flip locks that come pre-installed on some windows are not very sturdy. A professional locksmith in Perth will be able to guide you on the right lock types for your windows.

4. Alarms, motion sensors and security cams

Tips for Window Security for Homes and Offices - Echidna Lock & Key

Install alarms on windows that will go off on the first sign of an attempted break-in. This will scare away any intruders. Motion sensors around your premises can help detect any movement and trigger alarms or switch on lights. Installing security cameras and directing them towards windows and doors also act as a deterrent in burglary attempts.

5. Clear overgrown plants and plant thorny shrubs

Long before we had the advanced technologies on window security for homes and offices, thorny shrubs were being used as an effective method to keep away burglars from windows. And they still work! No burglar will want to wade through a thorny shrub unless they are wearing an armour of steel or Teflon. And nobody wants to land on a bed of thorns when attempting a hasty retreat through a window. So, go ahead and plant those thorny brushes below your windows. Check for any branches or overgrown plants brushing against the windows. Get them cleared away right away as they can be used to climb and access windows on upper floors.

6. Get your windows inspected regularly

And finally, check in on your windows regularly. Sometimes burglary attempts may not be successful at the first attempt, leaving windows vulnerable with weakened glasses or security grilles. If you’ve had a burglary attempt or find a rusted bar, broken glass or malfunctioning window lock, get them fixed immediately.

Are your windows secure? Do they have well-functioning locks? We hope these tips for window security for homes and offices have got you thinking. If you need a professional locksmith in Doubleview, Balcatta, Wembley or any Perth suburb, contact us or call us at 0492 360 504 and we’ll reach you right away.