Being one of the most vulnerable communities of the society, elders and their safety in the state has been a long-time concern for many. With declining health and insufficient help around them, elders, especially elders who live alone, are often easy targets for burglars and scammers. To combat this dangerous situation, the state government headed by Premier Mark McGowan has just announced a $400 safety and security rebate for WA seniors to help protect and enhance the lives of the seniors of Western Australia. This is a decisive step towards uplifting the lives of elders who may be experiencing elder abuse. Read on to learn more about the rebate.

What is the crux of the announcement?

Many security system suppliers offer discounts to Western Australians with the Seniors Card membership. The latest announcement is an extra step of care for the elders of our state. The key points of the statement are:

  1. WA elders with Seniors Card can claim $400 for purchasing and installing security systems in their homes, including fire and electrical safety equipment.
  2. The government will dedicate $12 million to enhance the security of the community.
  3. The state government will implement a $4 million Elder Rights program to bring attention to and stop elder abuse in the community.

The rebate includes the expenses for buying and installing security devices such as

  • CCTV devices
  • Security alarms
  • Security doors, screens and shutters
  • Deadlocks
  • Smoke alarms
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Security sensor lights

To utilize the rebate, you should be a Western Australia Senior Card member. All Australian citizens and permanent residents in WA above 64 years of age who work less than 25 hours every week are eligible for a WA Seniors Card. You can learn more about the Seniors Card membership by visiting The products you purchase should meet or exceed the Australian standards for enabling the rebate. The tradespersons and the person in charge of installation must also hold a valid, police-issued Security Installer License.

How can you use this rebate to your best advantage?

Safety and security rebate for WA seniors - Echidna Lock & Key

The advantages of the McGowan Government’s Safety and Security Rebate for WA seniors are many. By availing of the rebate, you can enhance your front door security by installing security screens. Boost the protection of your home by fixing sensor lights and security cameras on your front porch and garage. By installing deadlocks on doors, you’ll be able to prevent break-ins and keep out intruders. Since the rebate is applicable only for gadgets and devices that meet the Australian standards, and the people in charge are licensed experts, you can create a high-quality security system that lets you have your peace at home.

To quote the Seniors and Ageing Minister Don Punch, “Every Western Australian deserves to feel safe and have peace of mind in their homes, and this is especially so for our seniors – and the Safety and Security Rebate is an investment in keeping our seniors safe.” Take advantage of the rebate and ensure the safety of your homes. Need a trusted locksmith to help you with lock and key troubles?
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